Linking People to Business Strategy and High Performance.

Renier and his team of specialists already assisted many farmers to develop and sustain a healthy organisation with competent personalities through a meaningful performance management solution & system that works.

The Benefits: The process will help you with:

  • Confirming the vision, mission and priorities of the farm.
  • Agreeing the Key Performance Areas of the organisation.
  • Setting objectives and performance standards per employee.
  • Providing regular formal feedback to all employees and managers.
  • Provide effective training & orientation of all management & staff.
  • Aligning of tasks, setting boundaries and clarifying accountability.
  • Employees will know what to do, when to do it & how well to do it.
  • Improving communication and problem solving in the business.
  • Eliminating managements’ apprehensiveness to deal with staff.
  • Improving overall discipline and compliance with boundaries.
  • Providing continuous encouragement, motivation and recognition.
  • Much more professional human capital management process.
  • Providing direction, leading to self-correction of performance.
  • Increasing productivity, profitability and reducing costs.

The Process: Customised per customer requirements

The Building Blocks of the PMS process:

The Target Group: Organisation wide at all levels:

Human Capital Management Focus Areas:

The Plant Production Key Performance Areas: